Welcome to my blog and thank you for reading.  I hope you will find some of my thoughts on Scripture edifying.  I have named my blog “Life-Bearing Wilderness” as a tongue-in-cheek play on where I currently live and serve a parish–Wichita, KS.  Many people who have not been to Kansas think we live in the wilderness.  But even if Kansas is the wilderness, when God’s Scriptural message is proclaimed we become life-bearing!

I plan to have a narrow focus on this blog.  With few exceptions I plan to highlight some of the things I learn as I study the Bible.  For the most part, I plan to go chapter by chapter through a book of the Bible and make one or two comments about interesting points in each chapter.  Hopefully this will make my job as a blogger more manageable, and you readers can also check up on my blog without spending an inordinate amount of time on it.

I suppose from time to time I will stray from the book at hand, if I find something interesting in preparing for a sermon or from normal day-to-day stuff, but those who know me know I like to stay focused.  Please feel free to write comments, questions, or even challenges to this blog.  I decide whose comments are seen by others, so if I really don’t like what you have to say I can make sure it is not public. 🙂  Thanks again for reading, and I hope you find this blog edifying.

Fr Aaron